Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Flowers

Flowers are also big this time of year.

1800Flowers has done a really nice job. I really like the YouTube sweepstakes. Very creative. I'm seeing a number of cutting edge marketers start to use YouTube. (For exampl, Urban Outfitters uses on their home page, Jewelery TV has a channel.)

The 800# is part of the name. Not good": email address signup is at the bottom of a long page. (See slide show at the end of this post.)

Completely Above The Fold
ProFlowers, FTD and JustFlowers have designed their websites to be completely above the fold on the common 1024 x 768 browser.

Email Signup
Is above the fold for ProFlowers, Teleflora and FTD. FTD putting their signup at the top of the page. Calyx & Corolla has a simple "Join our Email" in the footer, making it nearly invisible.

800 Number
Is prominent for 1800Flowers, FTD, ProFlowers, Just Flowers, Flowers Across America. Calyx & Corolla has no 800 number on the home page.

Here are the top sites mentioned above in a slide show. {Click slide show below to view individual screen shots of each website.}

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