Sunday, January 13, 2008

Urban Outfitters Innovation

I noticed a couple of things on Urban Outfitters site this week that I thought others would be interested in.

1. The use of YouTube video on the home page. (Also posted on YouTube. Thus far few f
2. Mobile marketing signup is more prominent than email.
3. Horizontal blog.

YouTube. Interesting way to share content created for the site. They have a channel on YouTube. So far only 3161 views since April 2007.

Mobile Signup
Here's a copy of their signup form.

Horizontal Geo Blog

They have an interesting way to display their blog content. Very visual, filter by location, and scroll is horizontal.

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Mark Jamison said...

This is a brand that understands its target and engages with them where they are, integrating the tools they use. Even their blog works because it isn't about pushing Urban Outfitters in any way - it simply exposes them to stuff they would find interesting.