Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emails Create Urgency with Shipping Deadlines

Sunday I wrote about the need to post clear shipping deadlines on retail websites in my post Make It Easy for Procrastinators. Today my focus in on emails & how they can create urgency for the last minute shopper.

Quick Takeaways:
  • Avon thinks you can tell them twice.
  • HP thinks email subscribers care about shipping deadlines, but their typical web visitors do not.
  • Other samples (to stimulate your ideas) include Illuminations, Eddie Bauer, Pottery Barn and Coldwater Creek.
Yesterday, Avon sent me an email with the subject
It's our LAST DAY of Guaranteed Christmas Delivery + FREE SHIPPING

where they body copy confirms that Monday was the last day. {See email below, click the image to enlarge.}

Then they sent me one this morning with the subject line
LAST CHANCE: We'll Get it There on Time...ends 12/18

HP did a nice email with the subject line
Last Chance to Get Pre-Built HP Desktops by December 24
in the body copy they inform me that I must order by 11 AM PST on Saturday the 22nd. There is also a banner at the bottom telling me "We can get it there!" Clearly the email team at HP thinks this is important information, but if you arrive at the HP website directly, you find a minuscule link at the top called "Holiday policies". If you click, you can get shipping deadline information.

HP Email 12/17/07

HP Website 12/17/07

A couple of other examples of emails with shipping deadline calls to action are

Illuminations 12/17/07
Subject: $5 Express Shipping - Through Wednesday Only!

Eddie Bauer 12/17/07
Free Shipping- guaranteed to arrive by 12/24

Pottery Barn 12/17/07
Last Minute Gift Savings + Holiday Specials

Coldwater Creek 12/18/07
Free Shipping ends TONIGHT! No minimum purchase required
This one combines "order now for free shipping" with "if you are really lazy and want to wait until the last minute, you have up until 12/22"

See also Chad White of the EEC's post
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