Sunday, December 16, 2007

Make It Easy for Procrastinators

If you were shopping online this weekend, one of the big questions is "will it arrive on time?" Let's face it. Anyone shopping online this weekend has this at the top of their mind.

It' is amazing How Hard most retailers make this for their customers. I've looked at hundreds of sites that tell you nothing about shipping deadlines on their home page. This week's focus is on those who do try to help procrastinators find their way, quickly.

One of the best is Banana Republic. Important information, easy to find.

Lands' End and Sahalie makes it easy with their "Christmas Countdown".

Other's like Williams-Sonoma are more subtle. See if you can find the the ordering deadline in the image below.

Some like Macy's, put it below the fold. Not something I'd recommend.

And some, like American Eagle and Polo take the teaser approach. You need to click to learn more. Again, not the best user experience for the procrastinator.

Many other sites don't mention ordering deadlines. Others barely do. Like Nordstrom, where it takes two clicks from their free shipping offer to figure out when you need to order by.

The following slide show demonstrates some of the different ways retailers are informing procrastinators. When you watch the sites go by, play this game: how long does it take for you to spot the shipping deadline information? Clearly some sites are much better than others.

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