Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's Chocolates

Chocolate is big this time of year. Here are the a couple of the top sites in a slide show. {Click slide show below to view individual screen shots of each website.}

If you look at each there are a couple things that stand out.

800 Number Placement

See's puts theirs at the top, twice.
Mrs. Fields also puts hers at the top.

Footer. Dean & Deluca and eleni go for the footer.

None. ethel's, Fannie May,Godiva, Hershey's, Mrs. Beasleys, Cheryl & co,Swiss Colony

Email Signup

See's. Top position, prominent graphics. Links to privacy policy and sample email.

Mrs. Fields. Top position, 10% discount. No privacy policy or sample link.
Fannie May. Bottom, but prominent graphics and link to "Why signup?"

Dean & Deluca. Top position, but almost invisible white on white.
Bottom of fold for elenis, Godiva, Cheryl & Company, Swiss Colony

ethel's, Hershey's, Mrs. Beasleys

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