Wednesday, February 27, 2008

USAA Phishing Warning

I usually stick to a retail theme, but I thought this was a particularly good example of a business being proactive. I also think that phishing will matter more to retailers in the future.

Upon logging into USAA, there was a prominent headline announcing a phishing scam targeting USAA members. The link took me to the page below.

1. There are lots of businesses targeted by phishing, and most aren't as forward about telling their customers about the risks.

2. Retail phishing scams aren't that prevalent now, but may be in the future as banks become harder targets and the crooks move onto easier prey.

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Chris said...

I have to agree, most companys try to hide the phishing problems that they have but USAA has always been on the forfront of their security and always advising us members when there is a problem.