Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Shipping Index - 11/15/08 Roundup

Overall the number of free shipping offers this past week have leveled off and the value of the free shipping promotions has decreased compared to last week.

The number retailers offering unconditional free shipping dropped from 7 to 4 and a the threshold spend for free shipping has increased over prior weeks (see chart below).

Some of the changes for this week (11/15 compared to 11/8):

New Free Shipping Offers
The Avenue $100 threshold
Ann Taylor $150 threshold
J Crew $150 threshold

Retailers with More Generous Free Shipping Offers
Nordstrom dropped threshold from $200 to $100
Polo kept $195 threshold but for smaller orders reduced flat rate from $10 to $5
Saks dropped threshold from $400 to $200
Fossil had $100 threshold and now is unconditional. (But still hidden at the bottom.)
Dicks was product conditional on limited products now $99 price conditional

Retailers with More Stingy Free Shipping Offers
Neiman Marcus - was unconditional, now $200 threshold
PBS was $60 threshold, now none
Nine West was unconditional to now $25 threshold
Bath & Body - from $50 threshold to $5.95 flat fee
FAO Schwartz was $120 threshold, now none
J.C. Penney was $69 threshold now none (but started a sale)
Tiffany was unconditional, now $150 threshold
Cabellas was $125 threshold, now none

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