Thursday, March 13, 2008

AA goes mobile, Hilton caters to groups

A couple interesting events in the travel industry this week.

AA Goes Mobile
American Airlines sent an email on Wednesday announcing their new mobile capabilities.

Hilton Caters To Groups
Hilton launched a website where groups can plan travel.

You can view a demo of what they are calling the Personalized Group Web Page. Click Here for Demo.

Hilton let's you choose from three templates (Business, Wedding, leisure) then allows for some further customization through banners, fonts, and personal photos. One clunky feature is the need to put HTML style tags [bold] to modify fonts. But they will also create the page for you if you don't want to use the Internet to do it yourself.

For a company as big as Hilton, I would expect the demo would include audio.

Overall, a good idea, and something I suspect more will do. Look for others to raise the bar in their execution of the idea. Better tools for greater control and creativity of the website, and integration with email for functionality beyond Evite.

Modern Agent has a brief review of the features of the website.

Hilton Personalized Group Web Page FAQ

BusinessWeek Article

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