Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tracking and Archiving Retail Websites

I'm in the process of tracking a lot of retailer websites, and am using this blog to share a few slide shows, and occasional observations. Feel free to comment on both text and visuals.

The slide show below shows 92 of the top retail websites, as they appeared on 10/27/2007. The screenshot is a 1024 x 768 resolution. You can click on the slide show to view larger versions.

Check out how aggressive Steve Madden is about capturing email addresses.

They are offering 15% off your next order for joining their list. There's a deadline to create a sense of urgency.

This particular offer is an extension. Initially they offered 20%, with a deadline of September 30th.


ddb said...

1) Love the ability to "download photo."
2) Would like some order to the 92 slides (alpha?, grouped by product?, not sure what order).
3) Can you flag which sites are personalizing the content?
4) Why do some sites have multiple images?
5) How often is this updated and how do I view the updates?

Ed Henrich said...

Thanks for the feedback.

The plan is to update every week. I may not always choose to show the same sites, although I will try to pick some logical order.

You can download the image. If you click on the slideshow you will go to Picasa, where you can download the image. You just click the "download photo" link. You can also view all of the websites as thumbnails by clicking the "View Album" link.